Ten Sleep Dirtbag Beta

In a follow up to my Smith Beta post, here’s some dirtbag beta for Ten Sleep Canyon! Ten Sleep is much more of an insider’s town: here are all my best tips!

Where to Camp

You can camp for free anywhere along the Old Road. The Old Road is labeled as WY435 lower in the canyon, and as road number 18 higher up in the National Forest.  There are many sites, both in the lower part of the canyon and in the upper part of the canyon. The upper entrance to the Old Road is currently hard to find due to construction–take a right just after the road becomes dirt. The upper canyon is closer to the climbing areas Mondo Beyondo, Vallhalla, Superratic, and FCR.

Where to get _________ without leaving Ten Sleep:

Where to get beer: Any of the bars in town will sell you a ‘package’ of cheap beer or a six-pack of nicer beer. It’s expected that you still tip the bartender, even if you don’t plan to hang in the bar.

Where to get groceries:  Don’t expect to find fresh fruit or vegetables in town. The Pony Express at the gas station sells eggs, bread, milk, and a few other food items. See the section on Worland for info on grocery stores.

Where to get clean clothes: The Ten Broek RV park has laundry machines available. Washers are $1.50, and dryers are $1.25. Detergent can be bought in the RV store for $0.50, and the RV park has free wifi.

Where to get your fix: The 2nd Street Coffee Shop and Bakery frequently has a contingent of climbers staring at screens inside, or on the porch outside. Please support the bakery by buying coffee, breakfast, or baked goods when they are open (6am – 2pm, Tues-Sat). The free wifi stays up when the bakery is closed, but the family prefers that you stay on the front porch off-hours. All the baked goods sold at the bakery are made on the premises, and all are delicious! You can also purchase copies of the 2011 guidebook in the coffee shop. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome and climber-friendly this business is. Please support them!!

Where to get yourself a treat: The ice cream cones at Dirty Sally’s are a meal unto themselves. The waffle cones are home-made and impossible to resist!

Where to get chalk: The country gifts store at the eastern end of town sells blocks and loose chalk, both Metolius brand. Early afternoon seems to be the best bet for finding the store open. Look for the ‘Troutfitter’s’ sign, near the shaved ice stand.

Where to get down to business: For evenings, days when the coffee shop is closed, or when you just need a brew, the Ten Sleep Saloon also has available wifi. You can print or make copies at the library for $0.25 a page, and faxes can be sent from the bank for $2.00 a page.

Up-canyon Honorable Mention: The Deer Haven Lodge is located a short drive from most of the upper-canyon camping on the old road. Turn right at the intersection of the old road and US 16. The lodge will be on your left. You can buy a beer at  the bar, stock up on some ice, use the free wifi to check your email, or pay to take a shower.


Worland is a 20-30 minute drive west of Ten Sleep on 16, depending on how fast you drive. According to locals, speed enforcement on this particular stretch of highway is high.  Worland is a larger town with more businesses and services.

There are two grocery stores in town, an I.G.A. and a Blair’s. Both are going to be more pricey than your average city or suburban grocery store, both sell beer in separate stores attached to the main buildings.

I haven’t spent much time in Worland, so I don’t have much more advice on what’s around and available. Have any advice for fellow dirtbags? Sound off in the comments.

Comparative Shower Pricing 2012 

RV Park in Ten Sleep – $8

RV Park in Worland – $5

Deer Haven Lodge – $5.50

Buffalo YMCA – $2

Buffalo Pool – free? (this one is unconfirmed)

Ten Sleep Creek – free! Best accessed via the lower entrance to the Old Road.

Have any Ten Sleep tips or tricks? Sound off in the comments!

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