Smith Rock Dirtbag Beta

I said goodbye to Smith Rock on Wednesday morning, bidding a fond farewell to a beautiful place to live and climb. Here’s some dirtbag-approved Smith Rock beta on where to go, what to do, and where to eat while you visit the park.

What to do on a Rest Day…

Rainy Day: The Green Plow

When it rains, long-term bivy residents can be found at this independent coffee shop in Redmond, a 10 minute drive from Terrebonne. Free wifi, great coffee, and comfy chairs make it a good place to hang out for a while if the weather sucks. There is a large room in the back which could be used by a large group to play board or card games.

Getting there: From the bivy, go into Terrebonne and then turn left on U.S. 97. Take exit 119 and turn right on 6th street, passing Walmart and other large chains, until you reach downtown Redmond. The Green Plow will be on your left. Parallel parking on the street is available.

A latte and a cookie hit the spot on a rest day at the Green Plow.

Chore Day: Rainbow Laundromat

To my knowledge, this is the closest Laundromat to the park. Depending on your tolerance for sketch, you may or may not like it. There is a change machine for coins, and you can buy laundry soap there if you need it. Budget two hours for washing and drying.

Getting there: Turn left on U.S. 97, then take exit 119 and  turn right onto 6th street. The laundromat will be on your left a ways down. It is tucked back from the road, located right next to a tattoo parlor. There is a sign with a rainbow on it in the parking lot, towards the edge of the road.

Hot Day: Steelhead Falls

Located west of Terrebonne, on the Deschutes River, the Steelhead Falls are an excellent option for a hot afternoon rest day. The falls are reached by a short, 15 minute hike downhill. Nearby rocky outcroppings provide low-commitment cliff diving, with jumps between 10 and 15 feet. Bolder jumpers can swim across the river to reach higher cliffs. Icy water feels incredibly refreshing on a hot, sunny day. Local dirtbags sometimes put up slacklines across the river, of varying heights.

Getting there: Turn right onto U.S. 97, then left onto Lower Bridge Road. Right on 43rd street, left on Chinook, left on Badger, right on Quail, then left on River road. Signs appear at some point to direct you through the last few turns.

Steelhead Falls on the Deschutes River

Life Essentials: Beer and Food

Thriftway in Terrebonne: The local grocery store has good produce and a decent selection of beer. Block ice can be found in a cooler on the end of the freezer aisle, towards the back of the store. Also has an ATM To get there, head to town, then take a right just before Redpoint. There is an espresso place on the back side of the store where you can get your coffee fix if needed: snobs need not apply.

Ferguson’s Market: Limited selection of food items, well-stocked on cheap beer, some mid-range beer. Located on 97 right before the right turn to reach the state park.

Sun Spot: Great food in a diner frequented by locals. Located on 97 before Ferguson’s, can also be reached from the bivy by taking a left just before Redpoint. The breakfast is amazing, and the milkshakes (made with local favorite ice cream flavor flavor huckleberry) are delicious.

Terrebonne Depot: This climber owned and operated establishment gets rave reviews from everyone I’ve talked to. Happy hour is from 3pm to 6pm, and the Depot is closed on Tuesdays.

The Ice Cream Stand: On the road just before the turn to the bivy is a small store which sells delicious, delicious huckleberry ice cream. Sizes start at a single, and go all the way up to ‘The Monkey.’ Bring cash.

1st World Essentials: Internet

Best option = Redpoint: the climbing gear store has a guest network you can use, and camp chairs and outlets available for your use. It can be hard to go in without buying anything—you have been warned!

Next Best = The Green Plow: a bit more of a drive, but a comfier option if you’re planning a marathon computer-use session. The armchairs are comfy, chairs abound, and the internet is fast enough to watch streaming video.

Commercial = Starbucks in Redmond: I never feel guilty about using the internet from my car outside a Starbucks without buying anything, mostly because I once had a serious addiction to Chai lattes. If you need to get your Starbucks fix, Redmond is your closest bet.

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