Dispatch #3: We’ll Call Her Shaun

Dear Mom: I hope you notice joke in the title, since it was just for you. I don’t think anyone else will get it. ;) 

Today, I drove some more. I got the rest of the way through IA and am currently somewhere in the middle of Nebraska.

The windmill-themed Iowa rest stop is awesome. So clean it feels like the future and it has free wifi!

I finally got my camera set up, which is nice. It’s a bit frustrating to see interesting things on the road all the time and not have anyone to point them out to. I wish I could take pictures, but I’m always driving, sometimes it’s on another car, and other times I’m just not in the mood to stop.

As far as I can tell, most of the midwest looks like this. Nebraska has hills, Iowa has trees and hills, and Ohio has neither.

Today, I cut off all my hair in Omaha, Nebraska. I knew I wanted to cut my hair short, but I was planning to do it before I left Boston. I was going to do it in Des Moines, but all the salons were busy for weeks->months. So I did some browsing on my phone while my tank filled up, and picked the first salon that looked good. The stylist seemed alright, so I let her cut all my hair off. Sometimes these things just work out.

Hey guys, I left all my hair in Omaha! :o

Also, guys, did you know that Nebraska is huge? It’s enormous!

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