New Favorite Mini-Work Out

This week, I finally got my act together and tried out band assisted pull-ups.


(this cannot be understated. I have run around telling all my friends)

Unlike negatives, band-assisted pull-ups don’t make me feel like I’m too weak to do ‘the real thing.’  Second, unlike variations with the feet elevated, they are pretty easy to set-up in the large college weight room where I do most of my lifting. Third, they don’t make me feel like a doofus. Most of the time when I’m in the weight room, I’m the only girl there. Half the time, I’m the only one using the squat rack (for squats), and I’m one of two people I’ve ever seen do deadlifts. I try not to look any more out of place in the weight room than I already feel. When I start training somewhere I feel more comfortable, or at times of day when there’s no one around, I’d be really tempted to check out these progressions. For now though, band-assisted pull-ups are more than enough to keep me happy until I can manage one of the real thing.

I was looking for a CC image of a chick doing pull-ups, and ended up with this gal. A cursory stalk of her flickr pictures suggests she's pretty badass.

Finally, and most importantly, because they require very little equipment, I can do band assisted pull-ups any time I want!  I borrow an iron gym type thing from my friend across the hall, pop my band on there, and hop to. I combine it with hanging ab exercises for a nice, short, climber-specific work outs which I can use to start the morning or break up a long evening of work.

The Exercises:

  • Band Assisted (or regular) Pull-Ups
  • Hanging straight leg raises
  • Hanging bent leg raises

I do as many as I can manage of each exercise for each set. With the band-assisted pull-ups, my current max is 2,  but I can almost always do 1 with adequate rest in between sets. I start with the pull-ups, then do a set of the straight leg abs. More pull ups, then a set of the bent leg abs. I repeat this until I’ve done three sets of each type of abs, then grin at myself in the mirror like an idiot. Try it out!

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