Training Goals

A surprising number of my current training goals are related to lifting. Partly it’s that the climbing goals I’m interested in are all outdoors at the moment. The weather here precludes most outdoor climbing during the winter months, so I train in the (climbing) gym and dream about climbing outside. I’m headed for the RRG for a short trip in March–can’t wait!

In no particular order

  1. Dead lift body weight
  2. 1 unassisted pull-up
  3. 10 good push ups
  4. Squat body weight
  5. Lead 5.10a on an overhang

The one that matters to me the most is the pull up. Doing a real, unassisted pull-up has been my new year’s resolution for a couple years now, but I’ve never trained in a focused way to make it happen. In the past few weeks, I’ve been adding eccentric pull-ups to the end of all of my work-outs, even the climbing days. I can lower slower and do more reps than I used to be able to–progress!

3 thoughts on “Training Goals

  1. I totally sympathize with the pull up! My short term weight lifting goals fell into place relatively quick, the pull up just won’t budge :( don’t quit!

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